71 min.
Festivals: Wettbewerb Spielfilm Diagonale 2023

Director & Producer: Hans Broich
Editing & Sound Design: Felix Leitner
Camera: Sarah May Handler

Charlotte Brandhorst, Maximilian Brauer, Josefine Fischer u.a

Short Synopsis: 
Minuet is a documentary adaptation based on the eponymous novel by the well-known Flemish author Louis Paul Boon.
 A man, his wife and their much younger housemaid tell us about themselves and their relationships to each other, which are characterized by mutual, furtive observation and glances.
Within the iconography of this patriarchal triptych, the film’s characters grapple with their own subjective narratives and over their interpretation of the film’s recurring images. Between re-enactment and reproduction, the film and the novel’s brutal language do not even spare the director’s own private life, in turn raising the question: which of the recounted moral violations is conserved within his own four, heteronormative walls? Minuet is the terse story of an ordinary act of violence – the power to interpret a reality.

jury-statement Bettina Böhler – *award best montage feature film

Patrick Holzapfel Katalogtext Diagonale 2023

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