96 min.
Festivals: Diagonale 2021, Hofer Filmtage, Goethe Institut Seattle GERMAN FILM NOW / Northwest Film Forum

Director & Producer: Hans Broich
Editing, Camera & Sound Design: Felix Leitner

Volker Spengler, Margarita Broich, Martin Wuttke, Wieland Schulz-Keil, René Pollesch, Brigitte Landes, Hans Broich, Maximillian Brauer, Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, Inga Busch, Anna Heesen, Tina Pfurr, Myriam Brüger, Rainer Will, Traute Höß, Ludwig Böttger, Waldemar Kobus, Karina Fallenstein, Susan Todd, Mark Kleine, Marie Löcker, Christine Gross, Barbara Krähkamp, Jürgen Kruse, Günther Gerstner

Short Synopsis:
A bar full of people talking about Volker Spengler. HIGHFALUTIN is an attempt to create such a utopia, a simple „what if.“
Besides working in New York with experimental filmmaker Jack Smith, Spengler collaborated with many of the most important figures in post-war German film and theater: from Fassbinder to Schlingensief as well as Fritz Kortner and Heiner Müller. While rehearsing with the talented young actor, Kortner summed up his anarchic talent best: „Spengler, you are the downfall of Western civilization.“ 

World famous at least since his role as the transsexual Elvira Weishaupt in Fassbinder’s IN A YEAR WITH 13 MOONS, Volker Spengler is the impetus behind but not the only subject of this little documentary-cum-chamber play set in his favorite West Berlin bar and second home, Diener Tattersall. A wide array of friends gather to discuss the sometimes indistinguishable legends and facts. Avoiding causal connections and the trappings of a typical „bio pic,“ it is an attempt to do justice to our friend Volker—“walking social criticism“ as Klaus Emmerich affectionately called him— through collective narration. A family gathering that definitely never took place this way. 
Because Volker Spengler doesn’t fit into any joke, anecdote, or film. Even this one.

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