[100 min. / Martha Mechow / 2023]

Cinema Release: April 2024

FID Marseille 2023 – International Competition
Viennale 2023
DocLisboa 2023
Mar del Plata 2023 – Festival Internacional de Cine
New Horizons International Filmfestival 2023
UNDERDOX 2023 – internationales filmfestival. dokument und experiment

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Cahiers du Cinema – Marseille: le théâtre ou la vie

Filmlöwin – Kritik Die ängstliche Verkehrsteilnehmerin – Viennale 2023

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InReview Online Critic – FID Marseille 23
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FID Marseille 2023 – International Competition

Text and Direction: Martha Mechow
Production: Hans Broich
Editing: Felix Leitner
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Brandhorst
Cinematography: Nils Jakob Timm, Luis August Krawen
Original Sound: Dorian Sorg, Martin Lindner
Sound Design: Sebastian Dieterle
Mixing: Sebastian Dieterle
Music: Fee Aviv Marschall, Toni Mosebach
Costumes: Nina Mechow, Yasmin El Yassini
Set Design: Nina Mechow
Set Design Sardinia: Kastania Waldmüller
Set Design Berlin: Sanna Leone
Drawings: Selma Juana Schulte-Frohlinde
Animation: Luis August Krawen
Production Assistance: Franz Broich, Helena Mechow
Translation & Child Care: Paolina Wandruszka
Catering: Jan Koslowski, Margarita Broich, Dirk Schmalenbach

Selma Schulte-Frohlinde, Ann Göbel, Joseph Löcker, Inga Busch, Max Grosse Majench, Susanne Bredehöft, Yasmin El Yassini, Leonie Jenning, Nastasya Tikhnovetskaya, Alexandra Gottschlich, Sibylle Paetow-Spinosa, Laura Carmen Storz, Jan Koslowski, Luis August Krawen, Martin Lindner, Casper Kubeng, Maila Stahl, Pál Tóth, Margarita Broich, Marco Fontana, Sebastiano Nicolai, Erik Ciocoiu, Matteo Ciocoiu, Lorenzo Barbetta, Moreno Barbetta, Helleni Gabriel Dloomy, Jonah Raphael Dloomy, Rosa Kremser, Milo Kremser, Nuka Mušikić, Coco Emilia Freund, Rosa Lembeck, Silvia Vercelloni, Agnese Vacca, Lorenzo Falcru, Riccardo Lanzone, Leon Klausing, Fabio Romagna, Edoardo Marchetti, Martin Lindner

Short Synopsis: 
In a dark living room, a young woman sinks into the sofa. By saying: „I wish I was a carpet, then I would never have to get up“ she bids farewell to her domestic duties and leaves her two children Flippa and Furia. It is trough the diary of the now teenage Flippa that we learn of this incident. In Martha Mechow’s experimental debut film, the then 23 year old paints pictures with words that rhyme, soliloquize, or improvise on the event. Crossed in love Flippa, writes to her mother inbetween colourful drawings. Calls it „the heterosexual knot“, that unites them in their misfortune and which led the big sister to join the crooked mother-child-resort „Barranconi“. A place, where pregnant bellies become Trojan Horses and two young men the undoing of all. „Die ängstliche Verkehrsteilnehmerin“ tells, as detailed as can be in 720×576 pixels, of the pain of a protagonist who loves what love can not save.